Ping pong is social entertainment at its best and at Smash we have four high-grade tables available for hire to groups of all sizes – couples, friends, families or work colleagues – the beauty of ping pong is that anyone can participate.  Positioned around the bar area, our tables offer plenty of relaxed, informal space for spectators to drink, eat and enjoy the action as games get underway and budding ping pong champions reveal themselves…

Ping pong aficionado definition: A completely awesome person that lives and breathes Ping Pong. All jokes aside without Ping Pong they would cease to exist! Our Ping pong aficionado's will be on hand to show you a thing or two. Whether it's back to basics and learning how to serve or a pro spin back flipping shot they will try their best to help. At Smash it's all about "Live long play pong" if you remember that you won't go far wrong.   

You can wonder in and hire one of our tables, which are available for hourly slots, at very competitive rates. Our tables can be pre-booked, so all you need to do is drop us a quick email and get ready to flick and spin…

1 hour of ping pong is only £10

1/2 hour of ping pong is only £7.50

PLEASE NOTE: We allow children under the age of 18 years old 7 days a week between 12pm and 6pm when accompanied by an adult.