Whyte v. Rivas 2019 -  (D4n7E9CWwAAiZeu.0.jpg)

Saturday 20 July

Whyte v. Rivas

Dillian Whyte's world title ambitions are at stake in a high-risk clash with the unbeaten Oscar Rivas at The O2 on July 20, live on Sky Sports Box Office.

The Brixton heavyweight is tantalisingly close to a shot at one of the division's champions, but his No 1 ranking with the WBC will be on the line against Rivas, the Canada-based Colombian, who has 18 knockouts in 26 victories.

The event will start at 6pm, Saturday, July 20th 2019.

Ping Pong Dating -  (Lady-Wimbledon-SMASH-Bars-Launch-VIP-Party-Ping-Pong.jpg)

Sunday 21 July

Ping Pong Speed Dating

Are you looking for an easy way to meet new people? Well look no further than Original Dating's Ping Pong Dating! It has never been so fun to meet singles than playing ping pong. 

Introducing the brand new dating event, Ping Pong Dating with our incredible venue SMASH Wimbledon! Yet another Original Dating first see's us mix the fantastically fun game of ping pong with our unique take on speed dating. 

This social event will see you mingle with 40 –50 other singles and have exclusive access to the ground floor bar while also playing mixed doubles on not 1, not 2 but 3 Olympic standard Ping Pong tables! You will have the chance to play a few games of Ping Pong with various partners and when you're not playing there is plenty of time to chat and flirt with your fellow ping-pongers! 

This really is the best new way to meet people and we guarantee you'll have a SMASHing time!


- Doors open 5.30pm 
- Event starts 6.00pm 
- Ping pong finishes approximately 8.30pm 
- Downstairs closed between 6pm-8:30pm

German Grand Prix 2019 -  (German Grand Prix.jpg)

Sunday 28 July

German Grand Prix

Watch the German Grand Prix this Sunday, complete with a Pizza & a Pint.

Start: 14:00

Salford v. Stevenage -  (Salford v. Stevenage.jpg)

Saturday 3 August

Salford v. Stevenage

Stevenage will start the 2019 League Two season with an away game against Salford this Saturday.

Kick Off: 12:30

Nottingham Forest v. West Brom -  (Nottingham Forest v. West Brom.jpg)

Saturday 3 August

Nottingham Forest v. West Brom

Nottingham Forest will be playing their second match against West Brompton this Saturday.

Kick Off: 17:30

Bristol v. Leeds 04-08-2019 -  (Leeds v. Bristol.jpg)

Sunday 4 August

Bristol v. Leeds

Bristol City's first game of the season is against Leeds City this Sunday.

Kick Off: 16:30

Liverpool v. Norwich 09-08-2019 -  (Liverpool v Norwich+City.jpg)

Friday 9 August

Liverpool v. Norwich

It's the Premier League Kick Off match between Liverpool and Norwich.

Kick Off: 20:00

Leeds v. Nottingham Forest -  (Leeds v. Nottingham Forest.jpg)

Saturday 10 August

Leeds v. Nottingham Forest

Nottingham Forest's second Championship match is against Leeds United this Saturday. 

Kick Off: 12:30

Aston Villa v. Tottenham Hotspur 10-08-2019 -  (Aston Villa v To0ttenham.jpg)

Saturday 10 August

Aston Villa v. Tottenham Hotspur

Aston Villa's second Premier League game against Tottenham Hotspur kicks off this Saturday.

Kick Off: 17:30

Newcastle v. Arsenal 11-08-2019 -  (Newcastle v. Arsenal.jpg)

Sunday 11 August

Newcastle v. Arsenal


As the Premier League continues, it is the turn of Arsenal and NEwcastle to battle it out for the win this Sunday.

Kick Off: 14:00