If you can’t be persuaded to ping pong and prefer to be a spectator on the side lines, Smash is worth a visit purely for its amazingly tasty artisan pizza and drinks selection.

Freshly-made on site, topped with the tastiest ingredients and fired in our pizza oven, our pizzas are ideal for budding ping pong professionals to grab and graze on mid-play. Ranging from firm favourite Mixed Double Pepperoni to our original Tuscan Hustle, with tasty salads, garlic bread and fries on the side. 

Cool down or warm up with a craft beer, from our selection of over 60 – plenty to choose from to keep the team refreshed. Or try one of our unbeatable cocktails – a Tiebreaker or Pingstar Martini is sure to get the ping pong adrenalin pumping. Pour and play like a champion… 

We serve food everyday from 5pm - 10pm Monday to Thursday | Friday - Sunday midday to 10pm

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